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Funny door sign messages

Funny Healthy Signs Alleviate bathroom awkwardness with this classic message.

It's often said that laughter is the best medicine. It reduces stress, releases endorphins and protects the immune system. Unfortunately, we don't laugh as much as we used too, like when we were kids. In fact, children laugh at least 10 more than adults. Statistics show that the average American child laughs 200 times per day, while adults laugh only about 15 times.

This sad statistic reveals just how much grownups need more laughter in their lives. Just because we're older doesn't mean that we always have to be so serious. True, our sense of humor has changed to the extent that not everything is funny anymore, but we can still manage a laugh here and there — even if it's silly. If not for our health, laugh at least for old time's sake.

Funny door signs are great vehicles for jokes and hence, more healthy laughter. Since doors are by nature obstacles, our minds are automatically suited to view doors negatively. Doors imply exclusivity, privacy, barriers. A funny door sign can make a door into a boundary between a grim moment and a giggly one.

Think that's crazy? Take college dorms, for example: freshmen are often advised to leave their dorm rooms open so other freshman don't feel intimidated to replika hodinek come over and introduce themselves (knocking may feel like a disturbance). Furthermore, freshmen are often advised to feature funny door signs or dry-erase boards to communicate friendly messages.

In stark contrast, teenagers often don their room with a "No trespassing" sign to warn away helicopter parents.

As you can see, door signs are quite flexible and lend themselves to a many useful purposes in a variety of different situations:

  • In the workplace, funny door signs can alleviate workplace stress, boost productivity, and foster a good work environment. Good examples include office courtesy signs that are both funny yet professional slogans. For instance, "Out to lunch: if not back by five, out for replika hodinek dinner also" is a humorous way to let others know you've stepped out. Bosses and other higher-ups should post a funny door sign outside their door to make it less intimidating for employees and visitors.

  • In the bathroom, funny door signs can help transform awkward situations into really funny ones. For instance one sign reads "How long a minute is Swiss Replica Watches depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on." Well, have you ever wondered why people laugh nervously? They do it because it's a psychological defense mechanism: laughter alleviates anxiety. Hence, laughter in the bathroom is great because it relieves all those awkward and uncomfortable moments.

  • In the gym, funny door signs can even serve as motivational reminders to lose weight. From the "Burn calories, not electricity — take the stairs!" sign to the famous "Smile (picture of smiley face) you're losing weight."
Perhaps with funny door signs, adults can laugh more than a measly 15 times per day. No wonder we look so grumpy to kids!