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Turn your workplace into a fun place

Funny Office Signs Funny door signs embody the best of both worlds: humor and professionalism

Professionalism doesn't have to entail seriousness all the time; too grim an attitude can even increase workplace stress. Many factors contribute to unhappiness at work — economic downturns, layoffs, overly long hours, a high-pressure environment, poor working relationships or personal issues can all play a role. Studies have shown that workplace stress negatively affects worker productivity, and causes dissatisfaction and high turnover — with the loss of skilled workers negatively affecting the organization’s ability to meet their goals and objectives. Regardless of gender or age, everybody suffers the harmful effects of workplace stress.

According to a report,women are especially susceptible to the effects of workplace stress, especially cardiovascular strain. Common effects include high-blood pressure, hypertension, even heart attack — as well as less dramatic but equally pernicious effects like poor eating habits, drinking, and smoking.

It's no wonder then, that more and more companies are looking for creative ways to alleviate workplace stress. Introducing humor at work is one efficient way and has actually shown to significantly boost levels of productivity and employee satisfaction. According to Swiss Replica Watches Professor David Abramis, of California State University, Long Beach, people who have fun on the job are more creative, more productive, better decision-makers and get along better with co-workers. if that’s not enough of a benefit for employers, note that workers who have fun at work also have fewer absentee, late and sick days than people who aren't having fun.

Good strategies include encouraging playfulness, fun activities, discounted gym memberships, casual Fridays, or implementing a social committee responsible for activities. Another good idea is to create a bulletin board where people can put up funny pictures, cartoons, anecdotes etc.

Yet not all workplace humor has a place at work. Sometimes, the boundaries between appropriate humor and inappropriate humor are blurred, causing unwanted embarrassment and animosity among employees. There are various workplace laws governing harassment, including humor.

To avoid creating a hostile working environment, not to mention lawsuits, it's vitally important to establish boundaries of what's funny and what's not. Any off-color jokes, sexual or racist jokes, or even especially crude bathroom humor, should be kept to a minimum.

That is why funny but professional door signs are a great way to set the mood for a lighter workplace. Signs like "Do not disturb, brilliant minds at work" can keep workers mindful of proper etiquette and leave them light-hearted.

A study conducted in the UK revealed that 74% of employees would prefer a fun workplace over a higher salary. Of that same group, 70% worked somewhere where an replika hodinek employer has failed to promote a "fun spirit." As a result, 67% admitted they were less productive and less loyal to the company. Though keep in mind that too low a salary will increase stress and can certainly take all the fun out of working.

Employers wishing to foster a "fun spirit" may realize that it doesn't really cost all that much after all — and the returns are priceless.