Funny Door Signs
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Why have funny door signs?

Funny Signs
Funny door signs alleviate a variety of awkward situations with some good old-fashioned humor.

Funny doors signs are great for turning an uncomfortable situation into a funny one (and who doesn't want to brighten up their day with some humor?). There are thousands of instances when a funny customizable sign might be appropriate:

  • Office kitchen: Nobody wants to be the person nagging others to clean up after themselves, especially if it’s one’s superiors that need nagging. With a lighthearted sign, you can easily remind your co-workers without having to hunt them down and accuse them of slovenliness every time you find a sauce-caked dish in the sink. This way, they won't get annoyed and, more importantly, they won't think that somebody else will clean up their mess.

  • Toilet key reminder: It's always awkward to have to ask somebody where the toilet key is. Rather than broadcasting your bathroom needs and creating an uncomfortable situation for you and your co-workers, just install a memorable bathroom key reminder in the office so workers will never forget to put the toilet key back.

  • Conference rooms: When a meeting is in session, any interruption is met with hostility and annoyance. To prevent any possible interruption, erect a polite but funny door sign reminding others to respect the privacy of the conference room and to refrain from disturbing.

  • Locker rooms: Locker rooms in workplaces (firehouses, police stations,construction companies), gyms, and schools need to have privacy protections in place — door signs can help by reminding people to keep the door closed! That way, people can get dressed without having to replika hodinek worry about peeping Toms (or Marys). Door signs are also great deterrent tools.

  • Employee reminders: Jobs in which employees might be tempted to give away free stuff to their friends — such as restaurants, clothing stores, and general retail — can cost employers millions in revenue. As such, this practice is considered a form of employee theft. Funny door signs can be used to remind employees against unauthorized giveaways.

  • Bathroom courtesy: Bathrooms are perhaps, the most awkward places we encounter every day. The best remedy, even in the most awkward of situations, Swiss Replica Watches is laughter. So hang up a funny bathroom sign, like "Danger zone: gas mask optional," or a sign reminding bathroom goers to practice proper aim: "Please aim straight: you aren't the only one using the toilet.”

  • Prohibition signs: A harsh prohibition sign can hit a more forceful tone than the workplace needs. Keep the reminder without engendering negative feelings at the workplace by pairing a well-known prohibition logo, like a crossed out cell phone or cigarette, with a lighthearted message like.