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Lighten up with funny door signs!

As comedians Monty Python observed in one of their songs, "If life seems jolly rotten/There's something you've forgotten/And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing." We could all use a chuckle every now and then — levity goes with the workplace like baked beans with Spam, and there are times when it's crucial to communicating with our peers.

According to management expert Chris Roberts, interviewed by Bloomberg Business week, humor can fulfill a number of critical functions at work. It can convey messages that are difficult to convey in other ways — so when an employee needles a boss a little, the replica heuer boss might want to think about how they've just been given a cue to change some aspect of their management style.

Funny signs can help us giggle our way into a room —which is important if whoever works there benefits from a relaxed, confident clientele. Door signs can also remind people gently to clean up after themselves or to be responsible with shared spaces.

In these pages, we'll share some ideas about how to use funny door signs at your workplace.

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Why Funny Door Signs  
Why have funny door signs
Funny doors signs are great for turning an uncomfortable situation into a funny one (and who doesn't want to brighten up their day with some humor?). There are thousands of instances when a funny customizable sign might be appropriate...
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Funny Door Sign Messages  
Funny door sign messages
It's often remarked that "laughter is the best medicine." There’s truth in that — it reduces stress, releases endorphins and protects the immune system. Unfortunately, we don't laugh as much as we used too, like when we were kids...
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Workplace Safer with Funny Sign  
Fun workplace signs
Professionalism doesn't have to entail seriousness all the time. Too grim an attitude can even increase workplace stress. Many factors contribute to Swiss Replica Watches unhappiness at work — economic downturns, layoffs, bankruptcies, high-pressure environment...
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Own Funny Door Signs  
Make your own funny door sign
If you think of yourself as a fun or quirky individual, you may find that store-bought, non-customized funny door signs don't accurately capture your personality. In situations like this, personalizing your own door sign...
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