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Make your own funny door sign

Funny Police Signs For a police officer, a door sign like this conveys an industry-specific message that signals that you have a sense of humor about some things, but you also take your work seriously.

If you think of yourself as a fun or quirky individual, store-bought funny door signs may not accurately capture your personality. Luckily, you can customize your own door sign that can convey your sense of humor to those standing outside your door.

The first step toward making your own funny door sign is figuring out what you want it to say. This might require some thought and creativity. If you have a catchphrase or are particularly well-known for using a certain phrase, that may be a good place to start. Many people also appreciate humorous wordplay and industry-specific jokes. Also, be sure that your sign is largely inoffensive.

After you've determined your sign's text, decide if there’s a graphic that can heighten the sign’s humor. If you opt for a graphic, you'll want to make sure that there is an obvious connection between the sign's text and its graphic (unless you find a disconnect between graphic and text to be amusing). If the graphic is illustrative enough for your taste, you may even consider omitting text altogether.

Now that you've figured out everything that's going to be on your funny door sign, it's time to format it. Using a graphics editor or word processing software, place your graphic and text and play around with the design elements until they look good to you. While your own taste has the final say in the matter, using the design aesthetics of a standard sign may be part of the humor. Try your sign with the same sans serif text, center alignment, bold lettering and simple image silhouettes found in the non-funny varieties of sign.

Color also often plays a critical role in readability; you'll want your background and text colors to have a high contrast. Most iconic signs come in iconic Swiss Replica Watches colors, like stop replika hodinek sign red,hazmat orange or bathroom sign blue. These primary colors are good places to start — but don’t forget options like engraved plastic with a brushed brass finish!

Your font can also enhance or detract from your message. Choose a font that's easy to read, but that doesn't seem so serious that readers could misinterpret the sign's meaning. Fonts often have personalities of their own.

The final step is to get your sign made. Send your completed image to a sign company. Some vendors also have customization software on their websites which can make this whole process even easier for you. You should have your sign within a short time period after ordering.